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Our law office provides experienced, fast, and reliable legal services to individuals and corporations worldwide. With over 21 years of experience in the field, we provide the full range of legal services including BUSINESS SET UP, LEGAL DRAFTING, CONVEYANCING, CONTRACT DRAFTING & MANAGEMENT, IPR PROTECTION, FAMILY LAW CONSULTATION, DEVOLUTION AND DISPOSAL OF PROPERTY, REAL ESTATE, WRITS and also work visas, family and employment based Green Cards, Citizenship, and Deportation and Removal cases.

All legal services of our firm are provided by experienced lawyers following the foot prints of all the legal luminaries and their legal preceedents.

To give fast, reliable, authentic and     authoritative legal solutions.

To become one stop solution for all     legal Consultancy and legal drafting     services.


Our consultants offer preliminary consultation and legal opinion specific advice and provide decided case laws and precedents of the Privy Council prior to the establishment of Supreme court, Various state High courts of India pertaining to a particular case, issues and disputes...