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Our consultants offer preliminary consultation and legal opinion specific advice and provide decided case laws and precedents of the Privy Council prior to the establishment of Supreme court, Supreme court, Various state High courts of India pertaining to a particular case, issues and disputes.

We have specialized panel of consultants at our law office on the issues of Real Estate, Land matters, Land Revenue, Land Reforms, Ceiling laws, Drafting of Agreement for sale, Irrevocable Power of Attorney, Development Agreement, Redevelopment Agreement ,SRA documents, Conveyance, Construction and Building Projects, Joint Ventures, Co-operative HSG, Trust, Leave and Licenses, Tenancy, Cyber laws, Company, FEMA, FCRA, RBI, Arbitration and Reconciliation etc.

Fees shall be charged reasonably according to individual cases.


1) Land, Real Estate and Property Matters

Transfer of Property Act, 1882


Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 

Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966 

Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 

Bombay Agricultural and Tenancy Act,1948

Maharashtra Agricultural Land Ceiling Act 1961

Indian Easements Act, 1882 

Land Acquisition Act, 1894 

Laws relating to Freehold & Restricted Properties


Laws relating to Flats & Apartment Ownership


Laws relating to Agricultural & Non-Agricultural lands 

Inam/Watan Abolition laws.

2) Corporate and Mercantile laws

Setting up of Business 

Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 

Reserve Bank Of India 

Partnership and Joint Ventures 

Company law 

Proprietorship concern 

Contract, Tenders – Indian Contracts Act 187

PPP Model Agreements

BOT Agreements

Construction Agreement

Concession Agreement

EPC Agreement

General Cpnditions of Contract

3) Intellectual Property Rights

Copyrights Act 1957 

Patent Act 1970 

Trade Marks Act 1999 

Design Act 2000 

Geographical Indiacatons Act 2001.

4) Information Technology Act & Cyber Laws

5) Co-operative Laws

Formation and Registration of Co-operative Societies under various categories such as Housing Societies etc; 

Co-operative Court 

Proceedings before Registrar 

6) Trust Laws

Setting Up of Trust, Charitable Endowments, Educational Institutions 

Indian Trust Act 

Society Registration Act, 1860 


The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1952 


Wakf Act, 1995  

Formation and Registration of Public Trust, Charitable, Educational, Medical and other Institutions 

Proceedings of Appointment of Turstee/s, change-report regarding constitution of the Trust Body  

Sale permission of Trust property.

7) Succession and Inheritance Laws

Indian Succession Act, 1925 

Hindu Succession Act, 1956 

Islamic law of Succession and Inheritance


Will, probate, Administration and succession certificate

8) Family law

Marriage, divorce, maintenance, Alimony, Annuity, partition, settlement, separation etc.

9) Consumer Protection


10) igration, settlement and resettlement

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New zealand Middle East.