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Participation in pre-bid conference

Preparation of prequalification documents

Participation in tender

Negotiation, offer and acceptance of contracts

Drafting, analyzing, vetting of contract documents

Sound knowledge in understanding contract clauses and its implications

Co-ordinate with the Project Management Consultants

Knowledge of FIDIC, JCT, IIA, CPWD contract documents

Interpretation of arbitration, dispute resolution, time is the essence of the contract, liquidated damages and penalty etc.


Offer letter

Acceptance letter

Assignment of contract

Award of Contract

Contract Agreement

General Conditions of Contract

Performance Guarantee Bond

Advance payment Bond

Security Payment Bond

BOT Agreement

Building Construction Agreement

Concession Agreement

Construction Agreement

Consortium Agreement

EPC agreement

Joint venture Agreement

Item-rate contract

Owner-Architect Agreement

Owner-Builder Agreement

Piece rate contract

Percentage rate contract

Procurement Agreement

Purchase Agreement

Rescinding of contract

Turnkey agreement

Shareholder Agreement

Fidic Contract Document- Red, Yellow, Silver, White

World bank document

Agreement for sale

Agreement of purchasing assets

IIA contract documents

JCT agreements


Specific Performance - civil forum

Writ under Art 229 and 300 of the Indian Constitution