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Our law firm advises its clients and prepares legal documentation for the purchase, leasing, sale, mortgage of real estate properties including commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential property. The firm also advises clients on the applicable local laws, such as stamp duties and requirements of registration. As an integral part of this area of practice, we also advise on licensing and regulatory approvals required from government and statutory agencies.

The firm also represents clients in litigation filed against government bodies such as Land Revenue Authorities, Municipal Corporations etc and before various legal forums, in wide range of matters relating to land disputes of title land misuse disputes, land acquisition proceedings, sale of property, leasing matters, house tax issues, and municipal rules and byelaws.


Identification of potential land pockets

Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding

Joint Venture participation

Project finance

Investigation of title

7/12 extract/ Record of Rights

Pherphar Phatrak/ Mutation Certificate

Legal documentation and advice on Sale/Purchase/Lease of Property

Agreement for sale

Contract of sale

Irrevocable power of Attorney

Development Agreement

Redevelopment Agreement

Conveyance of land

Tenancy Agreements

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Land Use Regulations

Conversion of Agricultural land

Deposit of title deed/ Equitable Mortgage

Mortgage and Finance Agreements

Building, Development and Construction Contracts

House Tax disputes

Projects and retail property transactions

Real estate investment and development projects

Property joint ventures

Property related acquisitions and dispositions

Property related project finance

Formation of Trusts and estate management

Marketing of Real Estate Projects

Institutional Marketing of Real Estate projects

Issues related with Group Housing Schemes

Special Township Development

Layout sanction

Building permission

Building plan sanction